Various opinions are a real experience. Of those who bought and used both for themselves or even close ones.

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Mr. Yuttana


I am a guide, because I want to see beautiful views with my own eyes, not from photos. Sometimes beautiful pictures, Was in a difficult place, Barely living on the car. Since there is a Soap Shower Sheet, I don't have to worry about bathing even on the car.

MS. Nisa Chon


Most of the subjects will be studying outside the field. Which the weather is very hot. There is a brother who knows to recommend using Soap Shower Sheet. When I tried and felt that it was a very convenient shower, Use anywhere, How hot is this? Don't worry.

MS. Ruamporn

FDA officials

When going to travel, I have to wait for the holiday, And each of the many people. I known as Soap Shower Sheet. How many people do not worry about taking a shower. Very convenient. Bath anywhere. Just have a private space.

MS. Pornnapa

English tutor

Personally, I like to travel and exchange cultures in foreign countries. I use the Soap Shower Sheet and feel like it is suitable for my own lifestyle.

MS. Kritayaporn

Graphic design

I like to go on a hiking trip, walk hard to go, difficult to sleep, eating and bathing, but if you want to take a shower, it is hard enough. Personally, I think Hard to find bath areas, use only Soap Shower Sheet.

Mr. Diif

Owner of selling hiking equipment

All the hiking equipment, I have to test whether. I can actually walk in the forest, including the Soap Shower Sheet. Can I actually test if bathing instead of water when hiking? Which instead of taking a shower, I really like it.

MS. Kanok On

Flight attendant

With a career that requires frequent travel, Almost no time to relax, But the advantage is that you can visit many countries. But having to compete with the time, there is a Soap Shower Sheet that is convenient to travel to wipe away.

Mr. Noppadon

Marathon runner

Every time the marathon is finished. I'll have to go home both sticky, To go to take a shower at home. But when I try to use the soap shower sheet, it's very convenient because I can take a shower after running.

Mr. Pongpan

IT officer

I like the feeling when I can feel the breeze during riding to work even the
weather is super-hot till I sweat a lot, but I don’t want to work in that
condition, so I use Soap Shower Sheet to take a shower in my office

MS. Areerat

Business owner

Exercise is done, the stains, grease on the oily skin will be a lot. Soap Shower Sheet pulls the skin stains on the skin well, until I was shocked.

Mr. Punapan


I like traveling freely without plan and stay a night in a random town. When
I need to take a shower, I use Soap Shower Sheet. It’s convenient and
matches my free life style.

Mrs. Horthorn

Sale manager

Every time running into the finish line, it is the pride that we endure for a long time, but the sweat is too much to flood. Until I want to take a shower, but when I come to know the Soap Shower Sheet, I don't have to worry about wanting to take a shower anymore.

MS. Kajornjit

Office worker

I’m in love with extreme adventure activity. It’s dirty and soggy but I can
use Soap Shower Sheet to recover myself to be fresh.

Mr. Aekapot

Business owner

Climbing, I think it's a challenge. Like to win your heart Overcome fear Overcoming exhaustion Gooey, want to shower with Soap Shower Sheet It helps to overcome the gooey very well.

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